Weedseeker Spray Systems

Weedseeker Selective Spot Spray System

  • Cut your input costs
  • High accuracy sensors spray weeds and not stubble
  • Save up to 80% of chemical costs
  • Fix to existing spraybooms
  • Compare the savings

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PCA Front-mount Under-tree Boom, Weedseeker-ready &/or Fixed Spray Lines

This unit is the "Contractor's choice" for tree-line management of weed control. Massive cost savings, one of our units currently working on a 1600-hectare walnut property in NSW has resulted in an estimated 70% chemical cost saving in its first 6 months of operation.

Available with permanent spray lines, hydraulic width adjustment, shield angle adjustment, shield tripback and customised to suit any size row spacings. Linkage or trailing tanks available.

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