Optimus Vineyard Sprayer

The OPTIMUS Vineyard sprayer was designed to provide even air distribution over multi-row spraying.

The OPTIMUS Vineyard is equipped with hydraulically driven fans via an on-board hydraulic power pack.   This provides great efficiency and supplies very high air speed through the Pastro air diffusers into the targeted zone.


  • 2000, 3000, 4000 or 5000 litre tank capacity
  • Flotation tyres
  • Electric controls
  • Tandem axle with suspension
  • 20 bar diaphragm pump 250L/min
  • 2 or 3 row boom configuration
  • On-board hydraulic power pack
  • Tandem suspension axle
  • Polythene air ducting and SST diffusers
  • 3 PL high turn hitch


  • Implement tyres
  • 50 bar diaphragm pump 250L/min
  • Auto rate controller
  • Hydraulic boom lift
  • Hydraulic terracing (slope correction)
  • Hydraulic row width adjustment