Fertiliser Banding Ripper Vineyard

An exceptional machine for application of granular fertiliser to permaculture crops such as grapes and citrus.Giving the grower the ability to vary rates on the go, to suit local soil types within paddock, it places fertiliser where needed increasing efficiency and decreasing losses

Standard Features:

  • 100-2000kg Bin Capacity (SST Bin Optional)
  • High density poly distributor rollers
  • Hydraulically driven distributor via variable speed flow control (40L/min oil flow required maximum)
  • Visio rate monitor to set fertiliser output calibration (kg/ha)
  • 3 point linkage (optional trailing)
  • Manual tyne width adjustment to suit 2.4 - 3.6 row width (hydraulic optional)
  • Manual control wheel adjustment to select depth of fertiliser placement (hydraulic optional)
  • Canvas bin cover to eliminate any debris entering fertiliser box
  • PCA Bisalloy shanks with breakaway shear pin
  • Heavy duty frame
  • Fully powder coated