De-suckering Vineyard Sprayer

The De-suckering sprayer is the most advanced system on the market for the control of suckers.  Custom designed spray shields, in conjunction with the Weedseeker Spot Spray System™  and Rowtrack™, results in minimum to zero drift management into the canopy.  It is estimated to reduce de-suckering costs by approx. 70%.

Standard features
  • Front mount boom
  • Suit Cat2 linkage
  • Suit 2.4-3.6 row widths
  • Polythene impact resistant shields with drift suppressant
  • Air induction nozzles
  • Hydraulic row width adjustment
  • RowTrack™ Manual
  • Weedseeker Auto Spot Spot Spraying™ 
  • Linkage tank 800L or 1000L
  • Hydraulic terracing (slope correction)
  • Auto RowTrack™ 
  • Electric controls
  • Continuous spraying