Canopy Manager TTD (Twin Turbine Ducted) Vineyard Sprayer

The Canopy Manager TTD (Twin Turbine Ducted) is designed for high pressure spraying combined with the assistance of air to penetrate dense canopies.  This allows a higher rate chemical application to be directed into the targeted zone. 

Standard features

  • 2000, 3000, 4000 or 5000 litre tank capacity
  • Flotation tyres
  • 2 section electric controls
  • Single axle with suspension
  • 50 bar brass diaphragm pump 200L/min
  • 2 row boom configuration
  • Polythene air ducting and SST diffusers
  • Twin turbine fan


  • Implement tyres
  • Tandem axle with suspension
  • Auto rate controller
  • Hydraulic boom lift
  • Hydraulic terracing (slope correction)
  • Hydraulic row width adjustment