Canopy Manager HP (High Pressure) Recovery Vineyard Sprayer

The Canopy Manager High Pressure (HP) Recovery sprayer has been designed to recycle spray chemical, resulting in reduced spray residue.  The best choice sprayer available for Eutypa control with up to 80% recovery.  It is capable of rates up to 1500 litres per hectare.  Chemical is applied at the correct rate with maximum benefit and year-round returns, due to the superior chemical recovery system. 

Standard features

  • 2000, 3000, 4000 or 5000 litre tank capacity
  • Flotation tyres
  • Bravo 300s auto rate controller
  • Tandem axle suspension
  • 50 bar diaphragm pump 250L/min
  • 2 row boom configuration
  • Hydraulic row width adjustment


  • Implement tyres
  • Hydraulic boom lift
  • Hydraulic terracing (slope correction)
  • 3 PL High turn hitch