"The Panther" as nicknamed by Casella staff is "..one of our most utilised pieces of farm machinery across our 2000-acre, multi-site vineyards, due to it's superiority, reliability and sheer grunt. It's just a really well built, robust piece of machinery."

Chris Forwood, Vineyards Manager at Casella Management

"Right from the start John was interested in what we wanted, not just telling us what we needed. He was keen to provide us with the best possible unit that satisfied our needs and met his high quality structural standards, all at a competitive price. We have been more than happy with the unit and the quality of workmanship, hence our interest in other pieces of equipment, in particular the spreader of which we have just ordered. John's attention to detail and care for providing what the buyer is looking for is first class."

Peter Morath, Kingston Vineyards Pty. Ltd.

 "Pastro Custom Ag. Griffith has proven to be committed to Weiss McNair customers for parts and service. Their technicians are skilled and eager to help customers with their equipment. Weiss McNair is hoping to build on this to provide customers with quality parts, supply and sales."


Joe Riggs, R & D Sales Technician, Weiss NcNair

 "The Fertiliser Ripper is a great machine for application  of granular fertiliser to permaculture crops such as grapes and citrus. It places the fertiliser right where you need it, increasing the efficiency and decreasing losses. It also gives the grower the ability to vary the rates on the go, to suit local soil types within the paddock. It suits a wide range of row spacings, is quick to setup and simple to calibrate."

Mark Norvall, MIA Rural Services

 "We purchased the Weedseeker Spray System in 2012 and found the result of desuckering, excellent. This machine, will by far slash our chemical cost on desuckering dramatically. With the Weedseeker heads and nozzles we can concentrate the chemical high up the vine trunk where it's needed, with no spray drift. The team at Pastro Custom Ag were excellent in listening to our requirements and delivered. We aim for excellence and this machine has achieved it, a strong robust machine built by Pastro Custom Ag."

Louis Curtis, Curtis Vineyards Pty. Ltd.
P7 Self Propelled Sprayer

See video footage of our P7 Self-propelled Sprayer and hear what our customers have to say: