Recovery Sprayer

PCA Recovery Sprayer, allows us to meet the market demand for new delivery concepts in the ever-changing sprayer market. We now manufacture Australia‚Äôs most economical, reliable and low-maintenance viticulture sprayer this market has ever seen.


  • 2000, 3000 and 4000 litre tank capacity
  • 2 row boom configuration
  • 50 bar brass pump
  • Tandem axle suspension
  • Electric controls


  • Bravo 300s auto rate controller
  • Flotation tyres

High Pressure Panther Recovery Sprayer. The best choice available for Eutypa Control with up to 80% recovery and capable of rates up to 1500 litres Per Hectare. This Sprayer allows Eutypa chemicals to be applied at the correct rate with maximum benefit and year round high returns due to the superior chemical recovery system.