De-suckering Sprayers

PCA Over-row Front-mount Boom with weedseeker De-suckering and Undervine Weedicide

The most advanced multi-purpose de-suckering and undervine weedicide spray unit on the market. Suitable for all size vineyards. It easily reaches 8km/hour for de-suckering and 8km/hour for weedicide spraying. PCA specially-designed spray shields allowing for minimal to zero drift management, using high quality suppressant.

These units are available with a range of options including:

  • Front or rear-mount
  • Variable boom sizes
  • Hydraulic width adjustment
  • Various row widths 2.4 - 3.6m
  • Variable boom height
  • Terrace kits (optional)
  • Shields cut to size 
  • Fully shielded

Call us to discuss the high cost savings per vine. Estimated to reduce costs by up to 70%

See the below video of one of our recently built units in action.