Airblast Twin Fan Sprayer

Pastro Airblast twin fan sprayer features:

  • 200 litre on board power pack, PTO driven via chemical pump. 
  • Control manifold to set fan speed with built in fan on/off solenoid controlled from cab of tractor
  • 4000 slimline or 6000 litre tank capacity
  • 1” tap rinsing tank located on chassis and spray ball inside tank
  • 850mm 9 blade twin fan hydraulically driven delivering 26000 litres of air
  • Bertollini poly pump 2260 20 bar diaphragm pump 260L/min
  • Arag 20 bar electric section bypass regulation and manual regulation
  • Bravo 180s auto rate controller
  • Brass double flip over ceramic full cone or hollow cone nozzles
  • Dual axle undercarriage with 8 tonne rated spring suspension
  • Flotation tyres 400/55-22.5
  • All components fully powdercoated