Pastro-Custom AG is an agricultural machinery design, manufacture and repair company that prides itself on high quality custom-manufactured products, service and expert advice.

We specialise in the custom design of Vineyard and Orchard sprayers, fertiliser spreaders, de-suckering units and more. Our machines are built strong to last, with great attention to detail, high-quality workmanship and materials.

We provide premium after-sales service and maintenance of our machinery. We also stock a wide range of spray parts and pumps and are proud distributors for the following:

  • Weedseeker Automatic Spot Spraying technology
  • Collard pruning, trimming and cultivation products
  • Sprayrite Crop Protection
  • ARAG Australia spray products
  • Weiss McNair Nut Harvesting Equipment

Pastro Custom AG 'Customising your farming practices for a progressive future on the land'


Other brands we supply